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Thanks to our expertise and our experience with semantic software technologies we can implement solutions for our customers to discover and use the hidden internal knowledge which is 80% about unstructured data such as emails, Excel spreadsheets, reports... but which is also available on the internet like external websites , forums, blogs, social media, etc.
We can easily integrate external unstructured data with those data sets that are available in internal, highly structured databases.
We can provide business processes with business intelligence that is necessary when different data sets must be easily and completely integrated and must be semantically (automatically) evaluated in real time.
We work together with the world's leading semantic software developers to be able to offer our customers the best possible solution.

Smart Business Intelligence

The vision of smart BI can become a reality. A sophisticated cocktail of semantic intelligence, access to all databases, real-time access to the Internet-based statements of opinion of all stakeholder groups and market participants; and the semantic web technology, makes it possible. Smart Business Intelligence can more or less answer any questions that you would like to make and for which there is data somewhere. Questions how:
What are the prices of competitors AT THIS MOMENT, how they change
How our customers rate our products compared to the competitionv
Which are the new trends in the eyes of our target groups
Which are the coming challenges in the eyes of certain Stakeholder
In order to answer such questions very date, today no more elaborate surveys are necessary, do not have long-term research projects are started; Expert Delphi interviews are not the only means. Three developments in recent years have opened the smart business intelligence entirely new ways:
Internet allows unrestricted access to virtually all current top databases in the world.
It allows stakeholders to make their data, facts, opinions and intentions clear to all interested parties and to make them immediately accessible. This is true for consumers, companies, competitors, government agencies, lawyers, professional associations, NGOs, communities, etc. BlueOcean SBC opens up these data and use them.
Semantics Web Technologies make an efficient, cost-effective integration of these very differently structured databases and unstructured data sets possible.
Semantic intelligence allows it today to read these great "Cemeteries" of unstructured data automatically to structure, understand, and effectively make accessible and useful.

Consulting Areas

Based on our know-how of semantic intelligence in connection with Business Intelligence we offer consultation to you for the support of your critical business processes:
Issue & Crisis Management
Communication & PR
Competitve Intelligence
Marketing & Market Research
Brand Management
Product Management
Innovation Management
Risk Management
Crime, Homeland Security
Fraud & Taxes
HR & Talent Management
Expert Finder (internal & external)
Customer Care
Knowledge Management
Strategic Selling & Opportunity Planning
Social Media Management
Semantische Intelligenz
Smart Business Intelligence