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Semantic Business Solutions

We advise business in the development, the monitoring, the analysis and above all the use of Internet data for highly specific Businesses process solutions. Social Media' s and Stakeholder stand on the one hand and topic-specific data sources on the other hand in the foreground.
We at Blue Ocean have developed and used those semantic web technologies for various business processes that are required for example, to be able to represent and support strategic selling and account- or opportunity planning. These includes inter alia the following skills:
Crawler and Spyder technologies to the identification and monitoring of relevant sources, including forums, social networks and the other parts of the long tails of theInternet (Deep Web) as well as internal data sources
Monitoring, analysis and classification of the contents of this relevant sources usingsemantic intelligence and specific ontologiesv
Entity Extraktion for the identification and profiling of personal and corporate networksfrom the Internet and professional databases
Our offers in Semantic Business Consulting thereby include the following applications:
Web Consulting: Use of internet data for modern Businesses Intelligence
Semantics Business Consulting: Use of Semantic Web Technologies for data integration and specific business applications
Social Media Consulting: Social Media Monitoring, analysis, strategy and implementation planning for enterprises
Social Media management: Implementation of social media strategies together with our clients (identify sources, identify hot topics, opinion leaders, analysis, opinionleadership identification, virtual campaigning, etc.)
Blue Ocean has experience with the development and implementation of custom software solutions for business processes such as Anti-Counterfeiting, Anti Money Laundering or risk management. We use the latest semantic web technologies and work closely together with the leading experts and companies in the field of artificial intelligence.
To support your business processes, we offer both, key basis systems and consulting expertise within individual projects and a wide range of services in this area.
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